Here’s to the Little Guy.

In America, we’re obsessed with size. Bigger homes and bigger trucks; we love the mammoth home runs and the muscle-bound monsters who belt them; the saying goes in basketball that “you can’t teach height;” and we salivate over the 350 pound lineman in football.

But what about the little guy? The underdog. The David to Goliath? The Rudy?

No one better exemplifies the underdog spirit than Eddie Gaedel, who stood just 3’7. On August 19, 1951, Gaedel came to the plate in his lone at-bat for the St. Louis Browns vs. the Detroit Tigers. Wearing uniform number 1/8, he walked in his only career plate appearance in front of 18,369 adoring fans. And despite small feet, his was no small feat, indeed.

So here’s to the little guy. Welcome to Tiny Bar – Kind of a BIG Deal.